Lime Ice Cubes

A dear friend, Nancy Taylor, introduced me to the Peak ice cube tray and cookbook to accompany it and I’m glad she did. The cookbook, Ice Tray Treats, is loaded with some fresh ideas on creating edibles using a Peak ice cube tray, made of silicon. Inspired by the Lemon Ice Cube recipe in the cookbook, I’ve enjoyed making lime ice cubes with the juice of a couple limes and water. These cubes go well with a glass of sparkling water, and if you’d like a bit more color to your ice cube and drink, try freezing a raspberry with your lime wedge.

Lime Ice Cubes

Juice of two limes

12 small lime wedges

Pour the lime juice into a silicon tray, dividing evenly among 12 cubes. Place a lime wedge in each cube and cover with water. Place in the freezer until frozen solid.

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  1. Hey Meghan, I love this idea! Staying hydrated is so important to good health. What a fun, unique way to add a little natural flavor to water. I’m ordering my ice cube tray now 🙂


    1. Awesome Bita! Be sure to check out the different shapes and sizes they have – it’s another great way to add a little fun and interest to your drink. 🙂


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