It’s a Celebration!

Yesterday marked the one year, one month anniversary of  The blog’s first post appeared on November 16, 2017!  To help celebrate this milestone, a group of local blog followers joined me for a toast and some tea.  I kept it simple and made a couple of bundt cakes and some holiday bars.  It was the first time making each item – I thought it would be fun to test out the recipes together.  Pictured you’ll see a NYT Cooking holiday bundt cake with icing, a bundt cake from a box (details coming!), and Magic Cookie Bars from the Best of Bridge ladies up north.  The ladies who joined me  yesterday appreciated each item so thought I’d share.

For today’s post, rather than a recipe, I wanted to share the menu for the holiday tea along with a discovery I’ve made with bundt cakes.  Over the years, I’ve found success with Nordic Ware’s Bundt cake mix brand.  It is now sold at Williams-Sonoma and can be found by clicking here – there are gluten free options too!  Nordic Ware also sells some bundt cake pans that make for pretty bundt cakes and with the mix, they taste good too!

In the coming days, I’ll post the recipe for the NYT Cooking holiday bundt cake.  It’s was a nice addition to our holiday tea and celebration!

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  1. Wow Everything is beautiful and I hear very delicious! Sorry to miss your feast – but by new year I will be back in action! Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I remember talking just before you started – and it feels like yesterday Much love, Ginger

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  2. FYI Lance thought the red velvet cake was a bit dry — and we both thought the one with chocolate chips was quite good, even if I don’t like chocolate! A nice group of people, with some very interesting ideas about expanding your blog subjects!



    1. Thanks Wanda (and Lance). I’m glad you liked the cake with chocolate chips (which can be omitted if you prefer) – I hope to post the recipe in the next day or so. I think it also makes a nice presentation. Expansion ideas were interesting – yes!


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