A Bowl

Tonight I have a special edition, my own creation.  This year, Scott and I have been eating more of what’s now referred to as “a bowl” in our home – a bowl loaded with veggies and some kind of protein.  The bowls are a healthy option and make a great dinner.  We try to eat “a bowl” for dinner once or twice a week and I think it’s safe to say no two are ever the same.  In the bowl in this post’s photo, the following ingredients are used –

A Bowl

Mixed greens

English cucumber, cut into bite size pieces

Carrot, shaved using peeler

Roasted asparagus – see recipe on previous blog post by clicking here

Roasted cauliflower, cut into bite size pieces

3-4 Cherry tomatoes, cut in half

Avocado, peeled and cut into bite size pieces

Chicken breast, cooked in the sous vide at 150 degrees with a little olive oil and poultry seasoning

I start with a larger sized bowl and add a base layer of mixed greens (about an inch high or about 2 ounces), then cut each of the vegetables into bite sized pieces, making a top layer.  When the chicken is finished cooking in the sous vide, I finish it on the stove by sautéing it in a pan.  This gives it a nice finish.

Scott likes to add a balsamic vinaigrette to his bowl and I sprinkle some balsamic vinegar on mine.  There’s already olive oil on the roasted vegetables and I find it’s enough of a flavor for the entire bowl, with the seasoning on the chicken and the added balsamic vinegar.


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