Coconut Cream Pie

When a dear friend, Darlene, said she loved Coconut Cream Pie, I thought I'd love to try and make one.  She's trying to put on some weight and I was happy to help!  After researching Coconut Cream Pie, I found a recipe that used to be served in Bullock's Wilshire down in Los Angeles.  After... Continue Reading →

Create a Simple Charcuterie Plate

When Scott and I have friends over, we tend to start with a charcuterie plate.  I think it's safe to say no two plates are ever the same.  Last weekend, we had some friends over and we wanted to start with something simple.  For four people, we put the following charcuterie plate together.  Everyone was... Continue Reading →

Cucumber Gazpacho

Cucumber gazpacho is a nice alternative to the more traditional tomato based gazpacho. Blend some grapes with cucumber along with a few other ingredients and you've got yourself Cucumber Gazpacho.  It's an easy recipe and refreshing on a warm day.  Garnish with some cooked shrimp and sliced almonds.  This recipe serves four. Cucumber Gazpacho 4... Continue Reading →

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