My first post and it’s about shortbread, a favorite!  This week I’ve been making shortbread.  Scott took some to his office, I shared some with a friend and I made some for my in-laws.  The recipe I started with was one from a cookbook dated 1960.  It uses icing sugar which is different than many of the recipes today that call for granulated sugar.  Try it you may like it.

Credit:  Dorcas 1960 Recipe Favorites

Shortbread Cookies

2 cups flour

1 cup butter (I used unsalted Kerrygold – mmm, Irish!)

1/2 cup icing sugar

1 1/2 tablespoon golden brown sugar

In a mixer, mix flour and sugars.  Cut butter into cubes and add to mixture.  Mix well.  Roll out about 1/4″ thick.  Using knife, cut into finger like strips or shapes.  Prick each cookie with fork three times.  Bake in oven 300 degrees about 20 minutes until light brown.  (Do not grease cookie sheet.)

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  1. Hi, Meghan! My grandmother’s recipe for shortbread is almost identical to this one. Hers included 1/2 tsp. vanilla and didn’t include the golden brown sugar. I’m going to try yours, as I suspect the brown sugar will add an even richer flavor. Also, her instructions called for rolling the dough into logs, chilling, then slicing and baking. The logs freeze well, too. I usually roll the logs in colored sugars before baking. It might be fun to use a cookie stamp if I can find one. These are easy-peasey and delicious.


    1. Hi Susan, Thanks for your comment and I love hearing your grandma’s recipe is similar. I also love the idea of rolling the shortbread into logs and freezing it, then rolling the logs in colored sugar. How festive that must be! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!


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