This recipe was given to be by my mom and later my aunt introduced me to using instant espresso powder when baking with chocolate.  It enhances the chocolate flavor.  I've added a teaspoon to these brownies and they are quite nice but it is optional.  Similar to a recipe published in the New York Times,... Continue Reading →

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta

Happy Thanksgiving!  Scott and I (and the dogs) enjoyed Thanksgiving with his side of the family last night.  His brother and our sister-in-law always do such a nice job with the turkey and trimmings but they do ask for some help.  🙂  Each family participates by bringing something to share.  This year Scott and I... Continue Reading →

Blueberry Sauce

This recipe reminds me of making cranberry sauce, very similar and tastes great.  I was introduced to this recipe last year and have enjoyed it many times over the course of the year with plain greek yogurt.  You may enjoy it either warm or cold, either stirred into the yogurt or as a topping.  Great... Continue Reading →

Hamburger Soup

Hamburger soup has become a favorite of friends and family over the years and with the cooler (and wet) weather this week, it seemed like a good time to make it.  This recipe does need at least two hours to simmer so plan accordingly.  I also like my vegetables a little more bite sized so... Continue Reading →


My first post and it's about shortbread, a favorite!  This week I've been making shortbread.  Scott took some to his office, I shared some with a friend and I made some for my in-laws.  The recipe I started with was one from a cookbook dated 1960.  It uses icing sugar which is different than many... Continue Reading →

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